What age hijab is compulsory

Hijab is a lifeline of any Muslim women living in this world. Many of the teen ager and younger girls must have a question in mind “What age to start wearing hijab”. The best answer is at the age of puberty.

How to determine puberty of a girl?

Puberty is a time when a girl start changing her body structure to a women, in plain words when bosoms start appearing. The puberty may start from the age of 9 years and onwards.

Sometimes the puberty is related to periods but here there are some rather few cases where puberty appears before periods. So the first period is not well measure of puberty because in some cass the period may delay for few more years until 17.

The delayed puberty also may not lead to misconception of delaying wearing hijab. There is a hadith for parents (Muhammad SAW) “to command their children to pray at the age of 7 and discipline them to pray at the age of 10″. According to hadith the kids are ready to obey Allah and practice the Islamic principles at the age of 10.