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Turkish absorbing style and colors summer hijbabs square

Turkish square bawal hijabs are famous globally. The new 2015 summer designs are out with many absorbing colors and styles. The fabric is cotton jeans with cooling effect.


06 Aug 2015

Jalan Tar Masjid India is among the biggest tudung market in world

Jalan Tar (Tunku Abdurrehman) is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The name of the road is dedicated to late prime minister Tunku Abdurrehman who was the first prime minister of Malaysia not also considred as father of the nation. In early times Jalan Tar was the main shopping hub in Malaysia. Now a days it is the biggest clothing market of Malaysia and if i am not mistaken it is among the largest tudung market in the world where thousands of local made and imported designs are available.


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It is really a fun to stroll around jalan Tar where not only you can shop for clothes also you can enjoy the foods of different tastes from Biryani to Laksa and many more. Jalan Tar surrounding have lot of arcades and shopping malls where one can enjoy the shopping with latest designs of tudung and Islamic clothes. There is a one street or in local language it is called lorong Tunku Abdurrehman, the both sides of street have shops of whole sellers and retail of traditional Muslim clothing. On Saturday’s there is a night market also where one can stroll to have a petty shopping.

City One is a wholesale market where several wholesale shops are selling tudung, abaya’s, sembahyang accessories and lot more. It is a multiple story building and most of the retailers around Jalan Tar buy their stocks from this market. This is only a wholesale market so for individual shopping it is useless to go there.

Roshni bazar is another small arcade where several small shops in narrow lanes are waiting for you to choose the fabrics of your choice. It is a good market to medium bulk purchase but still for bigger quantity city one plaza is the best. Roshni bazar is also good for bargain and single piece selling is also available.

There are lot of budget hotels around the area where the travellers coming from different cities or other countries can stay with the ease of food and travelling access. If you are coming during hari raya fesival season to shop at jalan Tar then make sure you have early hotel booking to avoid any inconvenience due to unavailability of rooms.

07 May 2014

What age hijab is compulsory

Hijab is a lifeline of any Muslim women living in this world. Many of the teen ager and younger girls must have a question in mind “What age to start wearing hijab”. The best answer is at the age of puberty.

How to determine puberty of a girl?

Puberty is a time when a girl start changing her body structure to a women, in plain words when bosoms start appearing. The puberty may start from the age of 9 years and onwards.

Sometimes the puberty is related to periods but here there are some rather few cases where puberty appears before periods. So the first period is not well measure of puberty because in some cass the period may delay for few more years until 17.

The delayed puberty also may not lead to misconception of delaying wearing hijab. There is a hadith for parents (Muhammad SAW) “to command their children to pray at the age of 7 and discipline them to pray at the age of 10″. According to hadith the kids are ready to obey Allah and practice the Islamic principles at the age of 10.

30 Apr 2014

Placing the khumur over bosoms

Khumur is a veil or kind of hijab which in pre Islamic era the women of Medina practice to cover head but the two ends of khumur were tied behind the head which does not cover the front chest and ears were exposed. Placing the khumur over bosom is an order from Allah to Muslimah, by doing this the women ears and upper body remain covered. At early  time of Islam the women of “Alansar” were considered as model role for other territories as the practising of proper hijab wearing started in Medina.

Holy Quran says as follow

“…and not display their beauty except what is apparent, and they should place their khumur over their bosoms…”

Muslim women should wear the long scarves where the integrity of her body parts should be safe guarded. Now a days modern hijabs are being produced without shariah compliance where the materials like see through are being used and the purpose of hijab goes incomplete. Muslimah should give some due care to dress code and follow accordingly to live in this world with the guidance of Islamic teaching.



29 Apr 2014

Black and white dresses are my weakness

Back to 1970′s we watch black & white TV and amuse ourselves. I still remember the screen occupied with black and white pixels dresses worn by actors and actresses. Now we are living in a colorful world and most of our time is being consumed watching screens on computers, smart phones and modern lcd and led tv’s. Still black and white colour dresses fascinate me a lot and i love to wear them. Black and white colours look prominent when they are surrounded by other colors of life.

Black and white abaya


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Its really a symbol or pureness and neatness to wear a combination of black and white. The only difficult part is to take care of white part as it is well visible if even a dot of ink is dropped on it.



25 Apr 2014

Dream of shopping for hijabs in dubai

You have enough money and dream is also there to shop in Dubai where you can buy the latest scarf of any design from any country of the world. The huge selection is waiting for you, before you land in Dubai and start your shopping the very use full tip is ” do not just jump into buying from first minute, as you explore more you will get better choices so before finishing your money quickly just spend it wisely by taking some time” The latest show in dubai by Zabbary video is as follow.

24 Apr 2014