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Black and white dresses are my weakness

Back to 1970′s we watch black & white TV and amuse ourselves. I still remember the screen occupied with black and white pixels dresses worn by actors and actresses. Now we are living in a colorful world and most of our time is being consumed watching screens on computers, smart phones and modern lcd and led tv’s. Still black and white colour dresses fascinate me a lot and i love to wear them. Black and white colours look prominent when they are surrounded by other colors of life.

Black and white abaya


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Its really a symbol or pureness and neatness to wear a combination of black and white. The only difficult part is to take care of white part as it is well visible if even a dot of ink is dropped on it.



25 Apr 2014

Flowery dresses makes your mood pleasant

Flowers are symbol of happiness and joy, with the first look at flowers human forget about any loneliness and make the mind busy with pleasant feeling. Now a days flowery dresses are popular worldwide with different colors and combinations printed on fabrics. Spring and Summer are the best seasons to wear the dresses which have a touch of botanic scene on your attire. Muslimah dresses normally abaya and jubbah are being introduced with flower designs on the fabric and now a days becoming popular. In Middle East the embroidered vines and flowery hand crafted is popular.


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22 Apr 2014