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Turkish absorbing style and colors summer hijbabs square

Turkish square bawal hijabs are famous globally. The new 2015 summer designs are out with many absorbing colors and styles. The fabric is cotton jeans with cooling effect.


06 Aug 2015

What will be the new tudung design for coming hari raya 2014

Hari Raya festival in Malaysia will be celebrated in late July. The women fashion designer companies are busy in making new styles to attract the customers to get the maximum invest on investment. The women must be curious to know about new hijabs or tudung styles for coming season. Few designers are of view in which chiffon styles with different prints will carry on as the designs are existing in the market with little changes.

The following designs has been created by De Hijab for coming hari raya season

fairy style chiffon 3 layer tudung


The above design is cute fairy style where the smart hoody is used to make the scarf more attractive.




Simple and easy to wear three layers with contrast design.



Paisley print is famous now a days and can be seen in abaya designs too. The above 3 layer chiffon tudung where first layer is paisley to create the festive mood.

19 Apr 2014

Fascinating the spring with colorful women clothing

Spring is approaching and soon the flowers of different colors will emerge on plants, making the environment calm and cool. The colorful flowers will be abundently visible on clothes too especially the women robes. Women wearing flowery clothes can feel the touch of spring with closest feeling.

The roses, daffodils, lily, daisy all can be your companion with blooming touch and spreading the colors of life on your dress. Sunny days can add on your fascinating spring approach while you walking in the street and wearing the blouse printed with colorful flowers.

Many of the fashion designers also switched to colorful flower design clothes to make the dresses more charming and fit to the season. Mixing up modern and old age textile prints giving a sparkling cultural spring look. The mixture of cool colors act as catalyst on fabric prints for fabulous look.

Watch out the latest fashion spring shows and enjoy the colors of life.

21 Feb 2014