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Jalan Tar Masjid India is among the biggest tudung market in world

Jalan Tar (Tunku Abdurrehman) is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The name of the road is dedicated to late prime minister Tunku Abdurrehman who was the first prime minister of Malaysia not also considred as father of the nation. In early times Jalan Tar was the main shopping hub in Malaysia. Now a days it is the biggest clothing market of Malaysia and if i am not mistaken it is among the largest tudung market in the world where thousands of local made and imported designs are available.


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It is really a fun to stroll around jalan Tar where not only you can shop for clothes also you can enjoy the foods of different tastes from Biryani to Laksa and many more. Jalan Tar surrounding have lot of arcades and shopping malls where one can enjoy the shopping with latest designs of tudung and Islamic clothes. There is a one street or in local language it is called lorong Tunku Abdurrehman, the both sides of street have shops of whole sellers and retail of traditional Muslim clothing. On Saturday’s there is a night market also where one can stroll to have a petty shopping.

City One is a wholesale market where several wholesale shops are selling tudung, abaya’s, sembahyang accessories and lot more. It is a multiple story building and most of the retailers around Jalan Tar buy their stocks from this market. This is only a wholesale market so for individual shopping it is useless to go there.

Roshni bazar is another small arcade where several small shops in narrow lanes are waiting for you to choose the fabrics of your choice. It is a good market to medium bulk purchase but still for bigger quantity city one plaza is the best. Roshni bazar is also good for bargain and single piece selling is also available.

There are lot of budget hotels around the area where the travellers coming from different cities or other countries can stay with the ease of food and travelling access. If you are coming during hari raya fesival season to shop at jalan Tar then make sure you have early hotel booking to avoid any inconvenience due to unavailability of rooms.

07 May 2014